[Classes: 06th-12th | Olympiads | Competitions: JEE/NEET]

The WoW Advantages!

Are you a confident WARRIOR or a constant WORRIER?
With over 35 lakh students set to appear for CBSE board exam this year:

  • Are you ready to face the board examinations confidently?
  • Are you also prepared for upcoming Olympiads & Competitions (JEE/NEET)?
  • Is the school home-work, tuition assignments etc. eating away most of the study time?
  • Is the social-media, whatsapp groups, cricket matches, pubg, netflix letting you stay focussed?
  • Are you putting decent efforts but still not getting desired results? Are you happy with your performance?
  • Are you able to prepare good notes for quicker revision and practise well enough just before each test or exam?
  • Do you have insight into your strengths, weaknesses, accuracy, speed & progression; not just subject-wise but concept-wise?
If any of these questions concern you, then you are at the perfect place!
WaroftheWits™ is a complete learning, revision & assessment solution for CBSE students of classes 06th-12th. It's the next generation digital smart solution that addresses all of the above concerns. It’s a simple and very effective way of preparing for school exams, Olympiads and Competitions - all together with the least possible effort and time.
Our learning Zones improves academic performance through practice, self-assessment, gap-remediation & memorization. We offer pure adaptive-learning, ready-made revision notes, hands-on practice assignments, self-assessment activities & tests, instant clarifications, gap-remediations, group-level interactive challenges, free national-level competitions and games!

WaroftheWits™ is the SIMPLEST way of LEARNING, FASTEST way of REVISING and EASIEST way of PRACTICING and the SUREST way of SUCCEEDING!

How it works!

How it works

Training Zone

Training Zone is a smart bot that helps in learning and revision. It analyses individual pattern of learning and auto adjusts the training schedule.

Combat Zone

Combat Zone is a unique practice platform to challenge and compete against others. It is further enriched by live competitions, real-time reporting, progress monitoring and 360° transparency.

Competition Zone

Competition Zone provides weekly live challenges with warriors across the globe in a limited time frame. Challenges are focused on school curriculum driven by instant results.

Surveillance Zone

Surveillance Zone is the analytical module. It generates recommendations and insights on student’s accuracy rate, speed and areas of improvement.

Ranking Zone

Ranking Zone provides public leaderboards to create peer to peer transparency. It drives competition and recognize individual performances by badges and ranks.

Recap Zone

Recap Zone expedites revision through precise & condensed notes, chapter schema with concept snapshot, key points to remember, interesting facts related to chapter etc.


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