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WaroftheWits Solutions Private Limited is an innovative leader in the EdTech realm that develops cutting-edge solutions for students, teachers, schools and candidates appearing in competitive exams. Our flagship platform 'War of the Wits'​ is the next generation online learning platform specially designed to minimize effort and complexity from the learning process. It simplifies and speeds-up the learning by making it fun-filled, friendly, interactive and stress-free. It develops passion for studies by changing the way children prepare and revise. It fosters competitive spirit through its practice-oriented learning approach suitable for exams and olympiads. It provides better visibility and control to parents and teachers through objective insights on student’s accuracy rate, speed and areas of improvement. It offers expanding curriculum-based content with more challenges are getting added every day. It does not rely on lengthy videos or boring lectures for learning, instead it builds on adaptive self-learning, instant gap-remediations and group-level interactive games!

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Please note that our services once subscribed cannot be cancelled. The Company offers non-tangible irrevocable items; we do not issue any refund once a package is subscribed. As a customer you are responsible for understanding that no refund or cancellation is possible upon any subscription at our site.

Delivery Policy

Delivery means the online or digital access to the website and its components. At present there is no physical shipment like CDROM, USB memory, Pen-drive etc. involved as part of the delivery.